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Emotions & Behavior

Helping to Set Boundaries For Kids

As parents, it can sometimes be a challenge to teach our children about boundaries. In their world, the world is all about them so teaching our kids how to respect “the rules” and another person is vitally important. Teaching our children about boundaries is not only healthy, but will help set them up for success in relationships throughout... 

Nutritious Breakfast Recipe – and Delicious, Too!

The secret to a good day is a good morning. And the secret to a good morning is a good, nutritious breakfast. A healthy breakfast is especially important for children. Kids who eat breakfast show improved cognitive function, attention, and memory and perform better in school. Even better, a full breakfast in their bellies helps with behavior problems,... 

Keeping Kids Safe On Myspace

There are a lot of teens who are using MySpace. Individuals over the age of 14 are eligible to use MySpace so as a result there are many teenagers who are members of the online MySpace community. These young members may appreciate the opportunity to express their creativity, express their feelings, meet new friends or stay in touch with their old... 

Sunshine Kids Wellness Program Targets Child Obesity

           Overweight and obesity in children is now epidemic in North America and internationally (Deckelbaum and Williams, 2001). Approximately 22 million children under 5 years of age are overweight across the world (Deckelbaum and Williams, 2001). In the United States, the number of overweight children and adolescents has doubled in the... 

How to Prevent Aggression in Children

Aggression in children is behavior that results in personal injury to another. This injury can either be psychological (in the form of verbal attacks) or physical. Usually the child tends to be impulsive, easily irritable, immature, inarticulate about feelings and has difficulty taking criticism or frustration. The Reasons behind Aggression There... 

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Positive Parenting

Why It’s Best To Take Parenting Courses

Regarded as the most challenging endeavour in this world, parenting would offer... 

The Favorable Facets Of Buying And Also Perusing Child-Rearing Guides

The majority of parents obtain an understanding of what is viewed as the most complex... 

Parenting Seminars And The Ways They Could Help You Out

Parenthood is an extremely serious responsibility that all folks need assistance... 

Attend Parenting Workshops to Learn Positive Parenting Strategies

Parenting is a difficult job. One needs to be very careful when it comes to raise... 

Parenting With Love And Logic-Is It Honest Parenting?

The basic parenting equipment that we have is the way in which our very own parents... 

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Pregnancy & Newborns

The Diversity of Baby Boomers

At first glance, many people would think that a baby boomer is just a simple thing... 

The Role of Baby Boomers in Society

Today, there are countries which are considered as overpopulated. This is due to... 

Manufacturing a live baby doll; made in India

Manufacturing a Live Baby Doll. ” Got myself a crying talking, Sleeping walking... 

Symptoms and Signs; Biological Tests of Pregnancy

Biological Tests of Pregnancy Outward early indications of pregnancy are missed... 

Know The Risks Of Cesarean Section To Mother And Baby

A cesarean section is usually performed by gynecologists through a surgical method... 

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Growth & Development

Let Your Child Do Homework on His Own

Parents often think that it is important to  complete homework in order to get good academic results or to prevent the child from falling behind his work schedule or for immediate reasons – to safeguard him from the scoldings of the teacher. But we have to understand that the underlying principle behind homework is much beyond that. Let’s... [Read more of this review]

Protecting Your Child from the Clutches of Food Allergy

All parents want their children to have everything they need. As a parent, you would want your child to get the very best, which is why you might be willing to work hard in order to meet your children’s needs and demands. You are willing to work as hard as possible so that your child has the best living conditions, delicious foods and all the... [Read more of this review]

Latex is Unsafe for Children: The Dangers and How to Avert Them

As reported earlier, the chemical makeup of latex can lead to serious health hazards for all consumers, particularly mothers, children, and healthcare workers. In this article, I will discuss the demographic that is perhaps in need of the most urgent attention: children. There are currently many everyday baby products on the market that use latex,... [Read more of this review]

Artificial Eyes For Children

Like adults, there are a variety of reasons why children might need to have an artificial eye, also called an ocular prosthesis. Many children must have an eye removed because of injury or as a part of a treatment of eye disease such as cancer; but some children are born either without an eye or with an abnormally formed eye that must be removed.... [Read more of this review]

Healthy Diet is Must for Children

For every parent health of their children is the most important concern. Children are very choosy when it comes to eating nutritious food. They get attracted more towards junk foods like burgers, chocolates, ice creams, and chips etc. that never contribute in the nutritional intake but in fact cause bad impact on their health. Parents normally... [Read more of this review]

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Featured Products

Baby Jogger Child Tray for 2008 City & Summit Double Strollers

Child trays are sold individually Belly bar sold separately Child tray double attaches with velcro onto a double belly bar Easy way to clean the surface and the cup holder Compactable with city 2008 and summit double strollers Compatible With 2008 and Newer Models Rating: (out of 9 reviews) List Price: $ 19.95 Price: $ 19.90  Read More →

Prenatal Cradle

Reduces back pain and abdominal straining Ideal for twins, triplets, and quads Shoulder bands stay put for fashion conscious Moms Cool, comfortable open abdomen to apply lotion for stretching tummy Hook & eye closures for a safe and secure fit The Prenatal Cradle offers full support for your torso, abdomen and back. It helps to relieve the pressure... [Read more of this review]

Indigo Teen Dreams: Guided Relaxation Techniques Designed to Decrease Stress, Anger and Anxiety while Increasing Self-esteem and Self-awareness (Indigo Dreams)

Indigo Teen Dreams allows teens to manage stress, anger, and anxiety while increasing self-esteem and self-awareness. Teens explore the research-based, stress-management techniques of breathing, visualizations, progressive muscular relaxation, and affirmationsor positive statements. This straight forward, easy to follow approach encourages teens to... [Read more of this review]

Triaminic Children’s Nasal Decongestant Spray Ages 2-11 .67 fl oz

Children’s Decongestant Spray – Ages 2-11 Years OldNasal & Sinus Congestion Rating: (out of 1 reviews) List Price: $ 5.99 Price:  Read More →

Triaminic Children’s Nasal Decongestant Spray Ages 2-11 .67 fl oz

Children’s Decongestant Spray – Ages 2-11 Years OldNasal & Sinus Congestion Rating: (out of 1 reviews) List Price: $ 5.99 Price:  Read More →

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